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Welcome to the SFHL.

This web site is for the Managers of the SFHL. Here we will keep updated rosters as well as Salary Cap information for trades, signings, etc.

The league standings will be updated using Pool Expert. Here is the link to our pool on the web site.

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A good season to all!

Congrats Magnum!

Congratulations Giulio on being the 2021 DPFHL Champion. This year you had the golden touch, every move you made paid off and lead you to becoming the first multiple winner of the pool not named Joe D’Abramo.

I hope that the championship makes up for all the hard work you put into the pool and reduces the stress caused by people not using the correct format for draft picks when posting trade. (Its not hard guys TEAM RD YR!).

All kidding aside, Giulio pours hours into the pool every week, and that is not even including the time he spends trying to improve his team to bring home the championship. So well done.

For the second year in a row Jeremy has finished second, and overall its the third year in a row he is on the podium. That is very impressive and something I believe has only been achieved once before in our pool.

Finally, hats off to Peter, finishing in the top three for the first time ever.

The division winners are Mr. Motorboat, Magnum (the top three were in the same division!) and ON7.

This was one of our most competitive seasons in recent memory, at the trade deadline there were four teams that had a legitimate shot at making a run for the title, so it was at least entertaining to watch.

Now for some housekeeping items. We will have the lottery draft soon, with GF, ALG, BS, ASS and HL having a chance at the number 1 pick in the farm draft. Followed by the waiver draft order.

Once Giulio is done socially distant celebrating his win, we will post the league dues.

Thanks everyone for the great year!

PUN dropppings

Players dropped:
Paul Stastny – F – $2,100,000
Nikita Gusev – F – $1,100,000
Noah Hanifin – D – $1,500,000
Sean Walker – D – $1,500,000
Shea Weber – D – $5,300,000
Total dropped $11,500,000
Cash back $5,750,000
Opening cash bal. = $1,000,000
ending cash balance = $6,750,000
May 19, 2021 @ 11:59 am