BST – Open for trade talks

Good afternoon gentlemen,

As you may have noticed, I am a few shekles under the cap and open to discussing trades pre auction draft.

What’s available*?
+ Primarily younger players mentioned below but no one is off the table (as long as the trade makes sense)
+ Might be able to help with some cap space (either direct salary cap $ or by swapping cheaper for more expensive players)
*(Not looking to trade picks at this time)

What I’m looking for:
– Primarily looking to trade my talented younger players with smaller cap hits but plenty of upside for more proven guys and slightly more expensive. (Not interested in bad contracts or old players near retirement)

Some of my future Stars with low cap hits:
– Nichushkin $2.3MM (On an absolute tear end of last year; 17 points in last 18 regular season games and 15 in 20 during the playoffs – watch out for him this year)
– Olofsson $1.7M (Really found his stride at the end of the season with 21 pts in his last 20 games and now has a much better Buffalo team)
– Kubalik $1.6M (Fresh start in Detroit where he might reach his first 2 years highs of 0.68 ppg pace; plenty upside at 27 y.o)
– Newhook $1.1M (might be centering second line for the Avs with PP minutes)
– Krebs $1.0M (High upside potential; much better Buffalo team offensively this year)

Who I’m looking for:
– Forwards expected 60+ pts
– Defense expected 40+ pts (If trading for a D, I would include a D on the way back)

Not a firesale / open to chat; send me a whatsapp.


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