Free Agent Auction

ufa-of-the-dayThe official thread for raising free agents for auction.

Hello all,

This post is how to properly bring up free agents in the SFHL. As you all know, free agents are signed using auction style parameters therefore allowing every GM the possibility to sign free agents based on the amount of money they have remaining from the draft. Therefore if I only have 3.4 Million available, that’s the limit I have in order to spend on free agents. You could increase your cash available through trades (see rulebook).

The minimum salary to be used is the same that is in the minimum salary list that we used for the draft. Increases in salaries can only be over 100k. As an example, if I bring up a player who is worth 2.5M, and another GM wants to outbid me, the minimum he can bid is 2.6M.

Everytime someone brings up a player with an amount, there is a 48 hour waiting period until that player is on your team. If outbid, then the 48 period restarts. Example, if I want Max Pacioretty at 500K i bring him up in this forum. 24 hours pass, and someone else bids 600K for him, then there is another 48 hour waiting period, and so on.

Please see FAQ  page on raising free agents