Old No 7 Update

Hello boys!

I just wanted to give you a little update. As some of you already know I no longer work at Deloitte. The move was not completely unexpected, but still stings a little.

All this to say that if you try to email me at my D&T address it will obviously bounce back to you. For any future email chains, trade request or useless banter please use achillemarra@yahoo.ca. This is the email that is attached to my iphone so you should get a quick response.

Thanks a lot guys, see you soon!

Team Canada Memorabilia

Ok so i tried to go find a Team Canada jersey after they won the gold medal and, nada.

On Monday, no Bay stores had ANY CANADA Gear….

So i settled for a cap at a store that just sells caps at Carrefour laval… Olympic Champion cap no less..

What do you guys think?

Ultra Maroons GM Resigns

Posted on behalf of Marco:

Hello fellow GMs,

I will be resigning as GM of the Ultra Maroons.

I sincerely apologize for my actions this afternoon.  I’ve directly apologized to Anthony and he graciously accepted my apology.

I was not forced into this decision by anyone, nor is my decision to resign the result of anyone’s comments.

Danny is named the interim GM, and will contact you all shortly regarding the future of the franchise.  The Ultra Maroons will remain intact, and no roster moves will be made until another GM is appointed.

Thank you for having me in the SFHL.  It’s been fun.


Commissioner’s Note: I am extremely disappointed in what has occured. However, what’s done is done and I will be contacting Roger in order to see if he wants to take over Marco’s team. If that doesn’t happen and he wants to still have an expansion team, then at the end of the year Marco’s players get dispersed into the waiver pool (with any applicable increase). Therefore next year we will be at 15 teams once again.

Trade Deadline has Come and Gone

Basically I just want to say no more trading until the day after the last regular season game.

– but you can still drop players

– you can still auction players

Please don’t forget to do your lineup changes for next week or you will be fined as per the rules.

These trades all look fair so i dont think there will be any vetoing.. so you can even post them now if you want.. just put a condition on it “conditional on all trades going through”

A Franchise has been sold

mtlxtremeThe GM of Montreal Xtreme has sold his team to Anthony Campanella, who initially was rewarded a franchise for the 2010-11 season.

The Terms of the deal are as follows:

$30 payable to Anthony Macri
Anthony Campanella will pay $20 fee at end of the year to the league and whatever Lineup transaction fees are accumulated.

As well, the following is part of their deal. If Montreal Xtreme finishes in the top 3 in upcoming years, then Anthony Macri would get a percentage of winnings based on the following:

15% of winnings for this year,
10% of winnings for next 2 years after this year,
5% of winnings for the next 3 years after that.

The team will be under his control when the monetary transaction has taken place, which I believe will be this weekend if possible.

Mr. Macri and the Xtreme management team would like to thank the SFHL for allowing him to partake in the pool and wishes good luck to the new owner.

The team will be known as the Montreal Xtreme until the end of the year whereby then Anthony Campanella will be allowed to select whatever name and logo he wants.

This deal is the first of its kind in the SFHL, and hopefully the last. Roger Reinoso is still granted an expansion team for next year at this time, but he seemed upset at not being able to secure the Montreal Xtreme, and the SFHL will have to see if he still wants to be a part of the league.

Thank you and have a good night.

Danny Petti
Commissioner of the SFHL
& GM of the Rockers


Congratulations to USA winning Gold

The GM and President of the Punishers would like to formally congratulate the USA junior team for winning gold last night, and the Canadian boys settling for silver. They provided quite an entertaining game for our pleasure as a finale to the tournament. I would also like to congratulate John (“Hot Carl”) Carlson for his great game winning goal against the Canadians in overtime to push the Americans to the top jumpers for sale in los angeles.

On another note, Congratulation to the man formally referred to by Jay Onrait as Mr. Miracle, Mr. Clutch, Baby face assasin, and known as a prolific goal scorer to Bob Mckenzie and Pierre McGuire, my boy, and first round pick by the Punishers in 2009, Mr. Jordan Eberle, for not only scoring the last two goals of the game to tie the game up (as i so boldly predicted last night at Victoria’s), and not only for winning the player of the game for Canada, but for also winning the tournaments top forward honours and MVP honours. These are great accomplishments for my young star.  He has now surpassed the likes of John Tavares, Eric Lindros and Jeff Carter for the most goals scored by a Canadian at the men’s junior tournament. He looks to have a promising career with the Edmonton Oilers, and the Punishers are glad to have selected him in the first round. We are looking to forward to next year and inserting the Baby face assasin into our lineup. The future looks promising for Jordan and the Punishers. Look out.

Thank you.

P.S. Guys on the trading block to make room for my boy:







Also maybe – Barker

I am looking for d-men, depth forwards and draft picks.

Best regards,

GM, President of the Punishers (and soon to be announced disciplinarian of the SFHL (the new Collin Campbell LOL))