please check your shit

if you’re going to do it ever, make sure you do it tonight or before you make a free agent auction – opening cash balance is critical for the entire season. check your players, picks, cash, everything. like an audit. if you don’t know what an audit is, kpmg can help.

have a good night boys.

League Dues

Here is the calculation for the league dues. Basically please send me a transfer for the amount in the owed column. If the amount in the owed column is negative then the pool owes you money so don’t do anything. Let me know if you have any questions.

Send the transfer to

trade deadline is in 14 hrs.

since more than a handful of people have asked, yes deadline is tonight at midnight. that being said, if you are done trading, you can speed along the list-making process for us and send your sign list early. lists are due latest tomorrow, august 29, 2021, 12pm noon eastern standard time, not 12:01, or 12:15.

failure to submit on time will result in a fine of $500 per player signed (so a 27 player team will be fined $13,500) on the team submitted late.

you’ve been warned.

have a great saturday!