kindly check your shit(s)

hi everyone, glad to see everyone finally again in person, was another great draft in the books.

please ensure your lineups, draft picks, cash balances are correct and let me know when you can by tomorrow.

those who were at the meeting know, but for everyone’s sake, please submit an opening lineup by thursday october 6, 12pm noon EST given that the season begins october 7.

your opening lineup can be sent to me by email. after that, we will follow normal lineup change process via this link. if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask first.

thanks guys and with everyone’s go ahead, free agent auctions can technically commence sometime tomorrow morning. again, i will repeat, your cash balances, draft picks and assets under management are your responsibility, and any reliance on website alone will become your problem if you are not in line – see past penalties for reference.

good luck to all! have a great season.

League Dues

Hi everyone,

Here are the league dues from last season.

If you have any question as to how this was calculated please let me know.

Please send a e-transfer to me, and I will pay out the winners.

PS: Those of you who are also in the football pool, you can combine the dues owed there also.


everyone (kindly) check your shit

All teams have been updated – please check that all data entered is ok on your pages. Assuming everyone responds here with the go-ahead tomorrow, i’ll await for Achille to declare “trade window now reopen”

have a good one gents