YC salary floor penalty

The YC lineup change on Jan 24 dropped him below the $30MM salary cap floor, I missed it but Josip himself pointed it out to me last night

As per our previous penalties for salary floor violation the entire lineup change is voided, however YC will still be charged for the 3 transactions that he made. Because the entire lineup change was voided, YC is penalized for failure to remove Josi, Monahan and Nelson from his lineup as well, given all the former had been traded in the prior week.

So in all, the lineup change is voided, and 6 lineup change transactions will be charged.

He can modify his lineup change for the coming week but will be charged once again for the changes.

Looking for a G

Hey boys I’m looking for a starting G. Open to 2-1 for a G. I have varlamov, Blackwood, lukonnen and kahkonen that I’m opening to packaging in return for a starter. Msg me if interested